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  1. Hi there, I would like to trigger samples in my Akai MPX8 using my HX Stomp. It happens the sampler only takes Midi Notes messages and It seems HX stomp does not feature that kind of Midi. I was wondering if CC messages can somehow mimic a note message (using some correspondances) or if (as I’m affraid it is) Notes and CC messages are 2 very different kind of Midi messages which are not compatible (one device made to accept 1 kind can’t accept the other kind). Also, is any firmware update planned to add Midi Notes Messages to the Helix product family? Thanking you in advance! Pablo.
  2. Hi there, I need to send the following NRPN Midi commands to my Kemper Profilerto to be able to control its looper: Rec/Play/Overdub: CC#99 V125, CC#98 V88, CC#06 V0, CC#38 V1 (on press), V0 (on release) Stop/Erase:CC#99 V125, CC#98 V89, CC#06 V0, CC#38 V1 (on press), V0 (on release) Is it possible to do it with the HX effects ? Thanking you in advance for any answer !
  3. Thanks! I knew that, but it only happens once per preset load. This is good to load a M13 scene ( 12 effects preset loaded with 4 "on" maximum at once), but not enough to change effects combinations within the scene. I think it could be a huge firmware update project to add a way to assign multiple MIDI Messages to the 6 available footswitches. This could be done by adding a setting that allows for a message numbering option: message number ( 1 of N=10? ) followed by the other midi settings ( Midi message type, midi channel, CC# etc.... ). This way, stepping on a footswitch would simultaneously send multiple MIDI messages to various devices while keeping intact the curently loaded HX preset.
  4. Hi, I would like to pilot my M13 scenes from my HX effects. In particular, I wish to toggle on/off multiple effects units with a sinlge HX footswitch. For example: toggle on/off M13 FX unit 1A and FX unit 2B simultaneously by pressing 1 hx footswitch. It seems that this is not possible right now, as only 1 MIDI CC message can be assigned per footswitch, is this correct? Thanking you in advance.
  5. That's correct! my bad! Sorry for the hassle !
  6. Hi there, I just did the firmware update on the HX effects and i Noticed the 3 osc synth is gone! Is that normal? Why was it removed from the available effects? Will it come back? Cheers !
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