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  1. That's what I wanted to know, ....I wasn't sure. I've removed the internal wire connection from the board. Thanks for the info Mike! Vince
  2. I recently bought a used spider 150 combo, which I want to make into a head and a 2x12 speaker cab. All the parts of the spider will be used again, including the speakers. I want to use the speaker outs(left and right) on the back of the spider as the connection to the cabinet, is it best to disconnect the short wires that come directly from the board(smal white connector for left and right) or should I leave them on, and isolate them? I think it's all the same, but it looks better,and feels safer when I remove the short speaker cables from the board. I think in the 150hd head, it's the same situation, ......but I don't know for sure because I don't own one. What 's the best thing to do? Thanks, Vince
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