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  1. It is indeed what I want. Put the pedal, in this case the FX Block, after the effects chain and just before the delay and reverb .... this pedal is a clone of the preamp section of the famous Korg SDD-3000 delay and ... put it this way boost the delay ... and put it in the FX Loop of the amp ... so the delay is much more clearly .... but this is to see how acts and have another choice of settings. I just want to try it to see how it is this configuration ...
  2. Okay, I'll try this configuration...I'll tell you when I try it, as it was. I hope I have correctly understood the whole explanation... But really all I want is easier than it is, in my opinion, and this is putting my pedal, delays and reverbs through the FX loop of the DT25.
  3. Thanks for the answer .... first of all I think I have explained my post wrong ... I totally agree with everything you say, and all you say I also do ... All I want is to explore more alternatives and use a pedal that will be fixed in the effects chain before delays and reverbs. The pedal in question that I want to, is a clone of the preamp section of known korg sd3000. And all I want is to make the connection of the pedal, the way I'm asking, and I want to see the difference this can affect the sound and tone, and finally see the result and choose what best listen to my ears. I use the 4 cable method and L6 link at the same time, and yes I hear differences ... maybe other users are in agreement, I accept all criticism and I'm on this forum to learn from all your experiences, because the point of all this is to improve and find the best performance of our gears. So, I want to connect my pedal with my HD500 and use it with my DT25 FXLoop, and my question is how to make the connections.
  4. Hi everyone....I would like to know how to connect my HD500 and a pedal into FX loop effects to the amp DT25....i know the 4 method cable...but I don´t know where is the correct place for a pedal that I want in FX loop DT25. i´m sorry if it isn´t the thread correct. Thanks advanced.
  5. Hola a todos y perdonad por si este tema ya se había hablado antes. Querría la ayuda de algunos que ya hayan puesto 2 amplificadores físicos en su hd 500. Y preguntaba como hay que hacerlo y si hay alguna configuración que hay que realizar, yo quería utilizar un segundo amplificador para ponerlo con efectos en paralelo de mis presets, pero no se oye nada ....no sé si me explicado con total claridad. Muchas gracias por adelantado!! Saludos.
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