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  1. Thanks!!! I appreciate the explanation! ðŸ‘🻠So really I should be mixing my sound through my headphones to get a better accurate sound before recording?
  2. i just purchased some audio technica m50x headphones, seems to help out a lot, i used the presets i had and tweaked them a bit to sound to my liking on my headphones, did a sample recording and i think ill be good, still not exactly what i hear out of the speakers but better than it was, i just thought that since the spider v had FRFR speakers in it you would get a good flat sound so what you hear would be what you get in the recording sense
  3. Sooo... I've been using my spider v 240 for a couple months, and I've finally got some really amazing tones after tweaking it for days , now I'm ready to record some riffs, I'm using Mixcraft 7 pro studio , been using it for a while now , I'm running the USB from my spider v to my computer, easy peasy, so the only issue I have is im not getting the same tone/sound I here coming from my amps speakers, it's thin and weak, I gotta go through and tweak a bunch more tones. Why am I having this issue? It's very frustrating.. should I be using the xlr out to my recording interface? Should I be using the cubase free software that came with the spider v?? Please help!! Thank you
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