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  1. I must be a part of group 3... I love Line 6 products. My only complaint is that when the product is working properly and the early bugs have been tweeted out the day arrives that the device no longer works as it did. i.e. when I purchased my POD XT Live and Riffworks I enjoyed using them to lay down tracks for my music and they actually sounded great. Then Riffworks wasn't working properly with my pedal and I was in a holding pattern for months until they miraculously began syncing again. The same thing with the Tone Library. Worked great for a couple of years and then not so much. I could get into tech specifics but I don't have that kind of time. My point is I wasn't looking for any new freebies or enhancements. I just wanted to continue using it as I had been. I still have 2 XT Live pedal with all model packs and I still love the pedal. But as a stand alone unit now. I recently purchased a Firehawk FX so I could edit on the fly with my iPhone. So far so good but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Just my experience....
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