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  1. Hey again! I just wanted to update the situation. I opened a ticket and i got information about the "Authorization Hierarchy" in which the plugin stars by looking for a ILok authorization, much as @TheRealZap predicted. So of cource my plugin does not work. I am being asked to buy the the plugin again, but for ilok and I think this is outrageous. As a customer, am i supposed to have the knowledge of the authorization hirearchy? And that if i decide to buy an ilok to expand my studio with new plugins, i have to buy them a second time? Please, i'm begging for an fair and realistic solution to this problem! Best regards Tintin
  2. I think you're right because of the reason that an opened podfarm2.5 64bit instance stops working at the very moment i plug in the ilok. i have however 'opened a ticket'
  3. Oh, sorry i forgot to mention that i run podfarm2+metalshop all authorized by my UX2 interface. I Have some new possibly relevant information, I tried uninstalling the ilok drivers+clientservices and ran a podfarm2 in my daw and it worked great. The moment i connected the ilok(this is without the drivers for the ilok installed) My daw says that it could not load the plugin for unknown reasons.
  4. Hi! I bought an iLok the other day so i could licence my http://www.slatedigital.com/ software and it works fine. The problem is that my podfarm x64 plugins won't load in my daw. Now the 32 bit versions load just fine. I tried reinstalling podfarm2 several times and i also unauthorized and 're-authorized' my computer and plugins/addons just in case. I tried to open a podfarm2x64 plug without my ilok dongle in my computer and it workes fine. I need help solving this! THANKS! :)
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