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  1. Hi I know the looper is capable of overdubbing, but can you erase by layer? So far I can get 2-3 layers down , then if I record a 4th and make a mistake, erasing seems to get rid of everything not just the last layer Cheers Graeme
  2. Hi I've just received a Spider V 60 and the G10T wireless transmitter My epiphone casino coupe works perfectly with the transmitter However my epiphone electro-acoustic (PR-4E) does not seem to want to play ball. With the transmitter inserted the light flashes green and no indicator comes up on the amp ie battery level as it does with the electric. If I connect the electro acoustic with a cable directly to the amp there are no issues Has anyone else experience this? Any help gratefully appreciated On a different note has anyone else noticed a massive difference in volume when trying out the presets? I generally have my master level at about 10/11 o clock. Some of the presets sound really low at this volume whilst others nearly take the window out
  3. Hi I'm relatively new to the guitar and I have a Spider IV 75 amp. What I want to do is find a good tone for playing power chords on my electric. I thought I would use the clean channel (red/green) and then manually increase the drive. This does not seem to alter the sound that much, certainly not to the extent of the sounds I hear on you tube videos on the subject. Most were recommending a clean setting with a bit of fuzz, but I can't seem to replicate it. Any help greatly appreciated Cheers Graeme
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