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  1. mikefarnham's post in Using m audio for midi to sort tones but no joy. Heeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was marked as the answer   
    Thanks fellas.
    Yes Billbee I had gone to the archived downloads BUT had put in Windows 7 so nothing showed.  The trick was to put in XP and the old versions of Edit showed and loaded in Windows 7 no trouble.
    AND Sliding_Billy, you were right about sending some midi dumps to check the in and out cables via the lights.  Actually I did that first with my Edirol UA25.  Quite easy using Midi Ox.  If you are new to this make sure you check the midi inputs in and out show YOUR CURRENT device as the program does not automatically change from your old one if you are chopping and changing them to try to get something to work.  Sending the sysex dumps gave me confidence all my hardware was working and, obviously the green lights on the M Audio Uno flash when there is a data transfer.
    I was a bit dim when I got Edit working not understanding that if you loaded a patch into the editor it was simultaneously loaded into the active Vetta user channel where you can monitor it if you have a guitar connected and just press SAVE twice on the Vetta if you wish to keep it.  Instead I was loading a tone in the editor and pressing SEND TO in order to get it to the amp giving me midi overload or some such messages.  I think I have backed up my user bank by pressing bulk get with the cursor in the user bank column.  This was saved as Vetta2bundle and I created a separate folder for user backups.
    Oh les beaux jours!!
    Thanks everyone!!  Hope this all helps some other poor devil.  It has taken me two days to do what would only have taken a few hours if I had only known - idiot!!!
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