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  1. Hi Everyone! I have three of these, l two bought new a couple of years ago and little used since. Turned one on today and there is an electrical component noise with nothing else plugged in. Mystery! The noise does feed through to the line out when plugged in. Any ideas and is a cheap repair possible/practicable? Thanks for your help. Mike.
  2. Hi Everyone. My wife has an iphone 7 and I have an 11 both running ios 13. Yesterday I tried to play music via hers through the TT. It used to be my phone and had previously paired to the TT but would not connect - I had subsequently paired my new one. It appeared if I wanted to pair and connect hers I could but mine would not then connect afterwardsand vice-versa. I had tried turning the phones' bluetooth off and moving one out of range (suspecting perhaps only one could be connected at a time) and everything else I could think of. Your suggestions, comments, help and advice will be much appreciated. Thanks. As an aside, noting six years' of problems with Amplifi bluetooth, playing my backing tracks via my phone's Amplifi app often causes the customary drop outs whereas if I use itunes the connection seems much more stable.
  3. My additional Amplifi TTs have now arrived and I have transferred all the tones manually (twice!!). It then occurred to me to see if there was an Amlifi factory presets Excel spread sheet I could amend and add my own tones to. No luck so I made one and am attaching that here. Hope it helps someone! Mike.AMPLIFi Factory Presets v 1.0.xlsx
  4. Hi Folks. I have one Amplifi TT set up as I currently want it and am thinking of buying another. Is it possible/is there an easy way of exporting all settings from my existing one an importing into a second one? Thanks for your help. Mike.
  5. Tighten the grub screw on the tremolo arm. Mine fell out. Mike.
  6. Have two Vettas. (Wolf now only has one!!) 1. 2.03 unmodified with all of my patches backed up none of them with anything Armin on. 2. 2.05 with Armin's toolkit. I wish to use my bulk patch backup from amp 1 to load on amp 2. Can I? Have read horror stories of edit freezing Vettas when working with patches BUT IS THIS JUST PATCHES WITH ARMIN'S CABS IN??? Would consider just reloading 2.5 without Armin but monkey appears not to see any firmware since Line 6 have removed it although I have a copy of 2.5. Have also read that Edit 3 and Armin's toolkit cause freezes; this appears catastrophic to me if there is no way of reinstalling unmodified firmware. Answers need not necessarily be on a postcard but it would be great to hear from someone who has experience of the issues involved and sorted them. I am assuming Armin himself is nowhere to be found?! Thanks in advance for your help. Mike.
  7. Have only used M audio Uno with Win 7 recently; works fine on that. Have a spare M audio to sell. Mike.
  8. I have a copy of 2.5 folks so message me. ALSO NEED SOME HELP; HAVE TWO VETTAS: 1. With 2.03 firmware and all my patches backed up - no action required. 2. New one acquired today with 2.5 and Armin's toolkit and have read horror stories about freezes when editing patches. This seems to be when you introduce a patch with an Armin cab in but I do not wish to brick my "new" Vetta. All my patches on Vetta 1 are non Armin patches and are bulk backed up. It would appear from my reading they should be fine to load but am unsure. Also it appears that Line 6 withdrawing all the firmware from the site means that Monkey cannot help with a firmware reinstall. It also appears Edit 3 and Armin's toolkit produce freezes. Need some experienced advice as to which way to move please. Thanks, Mike.
  9. Thanks fellas. Yes Billbee I had gone to the archived downloads BUT had put in Windows 7 so nothing showed. The trick was to put in XP and the old versions of Edit showed and loaded in Windows 7 no trouble. AND Sliding_Billy, you were right about sending some midi dumps to check the in and out cables via the lights. Actually I did that first with my Edirol UA25. Quite easy using Midi Ox. If you are new to this make sure you check the midi inputs in and out show YOUR CURRENT device as the program does not automatically change from your old one if you are chopping and changing them to try to get something to work. Sending the sysex dumps gave me confidence all my hardware was working and, obviously the green lights on the M Audio Uno flash when there is a data transfer. I was a bit dim when I got Edit working not understanding that if you loaded a patch into the editor it was simultaneously loaded into the active Vetta user channel where you can monitor it if you have a guitar connected and just press SAVE twice on the Vetta if you wish to keep it. Instead I was loading a tone in the editor and pressing SEND TO in order to get it to the amp giving me midi overload or some such messages. I think I have backed up my user bank by pressing bulk get with the cursor in the user bank column. This was saved as Vetta2bundle and I created a separate folder for user backups. Oh les beaux jours!! Thanks everyone!! Hope this all helps some other poor devil. It has taken me two days to do what would only have taken a few hours if I had only known - idiot!!!
  10. Just read a note on the 3.00 download section of the Line 6 download page which states that the latest firmware update (2.5) is needed to use the latest version of Edit. Will be interesting to discover how I manage it with my existing hardware. Now looking for version of 2.03 edit for windows - only found one for Mac so far. Anyone have one please? Thanks, Mike.
  11. Hi everyone. Started to try to input tones on my Vetta 2 combo using my Edirol UA25 and although using Edit; it showed up and I could configure it and an icon of the amp came up BUT I could get no further as on pressing OK I got a could not connect to the device message. So, uninstalled Java umpteen times using umpteen versions and then finally saw sense. Went out and spent £22 on an M Audio Midisport Uno as everyone says that is the answer. Same result. Have checked the amp is on midi channel 1 and tried swapping cables. Amp firmware version 2.03 Digital interface card 1.0 Edit version 3.06 Running windows 7 64bit (have also tried Java 32 bit!!) Well hacked off, very frustrated and totally infuriated. Knew it would be like this. HATE MIDI today more than I did yesterday. Any suggestions gratefully received please. Many thanks, Mike.
  12. Hi Chaps, Just thought I may be able to help someone. Had the above problem yesterday and today disassembled the connector. Behind the three pinned plastic claw there was no "c" shaped retainer even though I laid my guitar on a light towel so as to spot it easily when it dropped out! The plastic Ethernet clips these days seem to be pre-broken off so as not to cause the plug to stick in the Variax socket - woundrous technological manufacturing innovation. The plug was still stuck fast!! I then depressed the button (thin piece of tin can!) fully and pulled the unthreaded part of the casing with my thin nose pliers. Still no joy, BUT, with a little wiggle of the plug body up towards the jack socket - BINGO! I then did what I should have done in the first place; picked up a rubber dishwasher glove for better grip and practised the same manoeuvre by hand. Thinking about it, I had the same problem with another cable when updating the firmware two years ago but then a firm tug sorted it. Just bought a second hand Vetta combo. The sockets and release buttons on there are a lot more solid thank goodness. just praying now for a lack of electronic problems which will brick my new acquisition. Out with the midi cables later to enter some decent patches for my covers. Happy playing, Mike.
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