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Found 7 results

  1. For all of those who, like me, are waiting for the native Windows Amplifi Remote App: there is a way to run the Android version on windows and /or OS X systems. :) Install the latest version of VirtualBox and the matching extension package (Free) and create a virtual machine running the latest version of Android that is available as x86 ISO package. Than use you google account to get the Amplifi app from Google Play and you are all done. There is one glitch: it might be that this is not working with your built in Bluetooth hardware and in that case you have to disable it and use a USB bluetooth dongle. (To get ANdroid running I mainly followed the recipe given in this blog: Thanks Vonnie!) I currently have it running on a windows 8.1 tablet (EP121) and PC. I was running the app uptil now on my Minix TV Box. Allthough it was rather cool to have the largest guitar tuner in the world on my 40" TV Screen, the none-portability of my TV is less practical. But for you who did not think of it directly (like me): there is a good chance that your TV Box runs Android and you canb simply ionstall the app on it. I am also testing on a MacBook Air.(Here disabling the internal BlueTooth needs some hard core tweaking as Apple has drifted far away form it's open approach of the legendary Apple i and II for which they even supplied the source code of the bios in the manual). And once more: dear LINE 6 People. Surprise us with a native windows app. You will not only make your windows eco system users very happy! Not only that, but you also will be rewarded soon with a huge possible increase in fanbase as your Windows 10 App will work on Windows Tablets, Windows Desktops, WIndows Phones (from cheapest of $70 to the Apple 6 rivals costing half of what Apple charges), Windows TV Boxes, WIndows Remote Controls, Windows Foot Pedals and WIndows Washing Machines for all I care, as the windows 10 kernel will be the SAME for all these devices. This also means that Windows Apps can and will not be ignored anymore by the global app makers (including you) as up til now. So I hope that you are already on it and, in trademark Line 6 style, will surprise us unanounced with a native Windows app next week. And if not: please get moving!
  2. Hi, I've started playing my Firehawk buy connecting it to my notebook using a USB connection, the audio quality is awesome (better than playing through my amp), but I experience quite a lot of latency while playing, I'd like to known if anyone has a fix for this, because it's quite frustrating when playing to a backing track or metronome.
  3. Operating System is Windows 8.1. I use Pod Farm 2 latest version with UX1 but also use the UX1 as a soundcard for other programs. I use either Roni Amazing Slow Downer or Transcribe to rehearse, learn and practice. I also may use Videolan VLC Media Player to watch and play against tuition videos. I use these and listen through headphones often so I need to be able to play them all into one source. Just to be clear I only use one of these other programs at a time together with Pod Farm 2. I use the MME Drivers of the UX1 so there is no conflict with the Assio Drivers used by Pod Farm. This set up all worked fine in Vista (for many years ) but now with Windows 8.1 it works for a short time and then crashes all the time and will not work again until I re-boot the computer. All of the above progs work fine in W 8.1 when used as standalone or through other soundcards but will only work for a short time with the Pod Farm and UX1. They are all compatible versions for Wind 8.1. I have contacted Microsoft about the problems but they have referred me back to you stating that its a 3rd party Driver issue. Everything works well until I come to route the other progs through the UX1 when Pod Farm is in use. They all still work together correctly with Vista on my old computer, so my UX1 is not the issue here. I can supply the transcript of the support I received from Microsoft. I have taken out a support ticket on this issue.
  4. Hey, everyone. I have had this PodXT Live for several years, through 3 different PCs, and it's been fantastic! I haven't used it or connected it to my PC for the last few weeks. I hooked it up yesterday, but the computer doesn't see it at all! This is Windows 8.1, and I've used it on this machine for the last 1.5 years or so without issue. Tried it on 2 other PCs: one is Windows XP, which I had previously used with it, has Gearbox, Monkey, drivers etc. installed - didn't work. Also another Windows 8.1 machine - my work machine, which is pretty beefy, and had never had the POD connected to it. On this machine, I installed the Monkey from scratch, downloaded drivers, etc. - brand new install - no good. I've swapped out the USB cable, too. In all cases, I updated the Monkey, downloaded the drivers, etc. (done this many times, I'm pretty good at it). Every time I get to where the driver install program says "plug in your POD now," I plug it in, and nothing happens. Zip, zilch, nada. No reaction from the PC, like I never plugged it in at all. It's looking like the USB port on the POD failed, but I don't even want to think about that! Anyone else ever see this? I was thinking I would try to manually uninstall the USB driver on my main PC (that I use it regularly with) but I can't find any instructions anywhere. Or, did I accidentally disable the USB port - is that even possible? Thoughts, anyone? -Dan
  5. Hi, I recently switched from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 8.1 x64 and I can't get my UX1 to work. Using the newest driver for Win8, not even regular playback is functional since every sound is very distorted and played slowly. Now I know that 8.1 is not officially released yet (got it earlier from my university though) but since there was a beta and RTM version for software developers, I assumed that there was enough time to update the drivers. Has anybody made the same experiences? Is there an official statement about 8.1 and new drivers? Thanks and Regards
  6. Hello World! I recently upgraded from a Spider IV 75 to a used Vetta II. I only play to entertain myself at home, which is why I didn't throw down the money for a Fractal AXE-FX. All is well except a couple of bugs that I was hoping you could help sort out. I'm assuming certain things are user error. 1. I was flipping through the factory presets, I'd find an interesting preset, attempt to turn off the effects one by one and the amp would either revert back to original settings or the effect wouldn't turn off at all. In the long run this isn't too important as I'll end up just setting up my own tones. I was just worried that this was indicative of some sort of issue. 2. When I turn on the amp with the FBV Shortboard plugged in, the volume pedal always seems to need resetting (just backed off to zero and back up). 3. When researching to connect to the Line6 Monkey software, I've seen that m-audio uno is the only way to go. However, there's no drivers available for Windows 8.1. Has anyone had any success on this front? Thanks for any input.
  7. Hi there, I'm having trouble with my Tone Port UX1. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 8.1, the sound crashes after a while when listening to music (in winamp) via the Tone Port device. Also, it is not possible to simply restart the computer as it stops at the 'restarting' screen. After switching off the computer manually and restarting, sound is back but the same problem occurs after a few minutes. However, this never happens when I just use my laptop's 'normal' output for my headphones. I ran Monkey and had the newest software installed, but I still get the same problem. Could someone help me, please?
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