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  1. I Made a separate Path for my wedge and added a cab sim, this works fine. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Thanks, i will use this info when setting up my amp and monitor. Tomorrow i wil try and setup with a micdirect to the monitor and try a different angle. Thank you all for the help
  3. Wauw thanks, never heard of that before. So it would help to let the wedge and amp face an diffent angle so the sound waves do not collide head on ? Mayby variate in height also ? Or are the same wavelength/frequenties in a smal space enough to cancel each other out
  4. I dont understand what you mean by phase cancelation. ?
  5. Thanks for the advice, but i tried that option. ‘T could be me but i wasn’t happy with it. I think my ears are not as good as they where. The music from a amp behind my back doesn't reach my ears that well. So i’m trying a other solution. But thanks for your help and possible solution.
  6. I’m not shure what you mean by put in a send.. Do you mean just a send block and no return block to out XLR and the an XLR cable to my monitor ? I’m confused Thanks for the help
  7. Thanks, i tried a seperate path, perhaps i did it wrong. I will try it again.
  8. Our band doesnt have a good pa with monitors, so it’s difficult to hear my self playing without getting to loud..i beliefe its a well known issue ;-)
  9. Hello, i’m using my Helix with 4cm in combination with a Mesa Lonestar Special. I want to use a monitor, just for me. I have connected the monitor to mono left xlr and in the settings i have set the volume button to xlr. This works kinda. I dont like the sound of my monitor this way. How do set it so that I can use a cab in between the helix and my monitor and not affect my amp. And stil use a separate volume for the monitor. Regards, Jan
  10. I deleted the fx loop block. Inserted a New fx loop block. And it works. Thanks for The help Only the static noise is still there. Ik have to roll the volume down from the AMP to make it less noticeble.
  11. Yes i’m afraid that was what i tried to do. Try to change the channel. But now i know that was wrong. I use a command and switch for that now. That works great But when i use the 4cm, the volume and treble, bass etc dont work. Only the output and solo from the fx loop changes the volume. And there’s is a lot of static noise.
  12. Cable 1: From your guitar to the guitar input on the Helix. Cable 2: Your send 3 from the Helix goes to the guitar input of your amp. Cable 3: From the effects loop send of your amp put that in to return 3 on the Helix. Cable 4: From the output (left/mono) of the Helix in to the effects loop return of your amp. this is how attached my cables
  13. Look at atached immage. This is the block chain i am trying to get to work. The third is the fxloop block. I have the cables connected as instructed from helix tutorials. as you can see i have the fx block assigned to an push button when i push to select it doesn’t change the channel. sorry about my english, its not my native language
  14. @phil_m I did have inserted a FX loop block in my signal chain. But selecting this block doesn’t change the channel but the sound get cut of and the knobs of channel 2 doesn’t react.
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