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  1. dlotto

    Ownhammer IR's

    I see the OH PR-M75 G12M-25's are pre-Rola 25w greens. I was curious if the pre-Rola's were sonic-ly that much different than the reissue GB's I bought. Are we splitting hairs trying to get another 1/4 horsepower? Interesting, I also chose the AKG414 out of the bundle. Just a smooth natural sound. I suppose a $900 mic will sound better than a $100 shure 57.
  2. dlotto

    Ownhammer IR's

    You're right, with any new gear, real or bytes, it's a gamble. Even the free mesa was better then the stk Helix cab so I bought the Ownhammer, 10 bucks, where you going? The Ownhammer green 25 blew me away. Best $10 I ever spent. Completely smoothed out the Helix plexi. I'd like to try the green pre-rola 20.
  3. dlotto

    Ownhammer IR's

    I tried all the free IR's and Ownhammer to me was far superior, much better A-B'd with the stock greenback25. I bought the ownhammer 412mar-cb gb-m25, anyone try the gb20?
  4. dlotto

    Helix LT case

    Good options, thanks!
  5. dlotto

    Helix LT case

    Anyone find a solution for decent affordable case for a Helix LT? Thanks!
  6. dlotto

    Helix IR's

    Thanks guys, I just pulled the trigger!
  7. dlotto

    Helix IR's

    Thinking of pulling the trigger on a Helix LT. Few more deciding factors; are you able to import IR's from Celestion? Thanks,
  8. Any Sparkies out there have any idea why when after replacing a dead power switch on a XT bean, I get no sound. Makes no sense being a simple operation. Thanks,
  9. Thanks, good info! What I've always loved about the pods since the XT is the simplicity and how easy you can mimic your live gear. Doink around time is at a premium so if its this difficult to dial tone them I'm perfectly happy with the X3. Look for it on EBay! I appreciate all the ideas.
  10. I have the HD bean. It's pretty intuitive to use being a XT and X3 user with the HD edit. Of course I start with the amp with nothing else on and mud right out of the gate. Nothing like the X3 chrispness.
  11. Thank you kindly for your response Hurghanico. I did read a blog about the 2nd input source being different so already tried that. I'm rather versed in effect and amp setup being an old timing dude so I'm looking for a setting or something not obvious.
  12. I've been an avid POD guy for years from XT to X3,so figured I'd upgrade to the POD HD. I spent hours dialing in the HD but every amp but the Dr. Z sounds muffled. Always used a J45 and even with bass off and treble / pres maxed, still muddy. Touching the cab low cut makes is sound like a tinie 1-12. Tried adding an EQ but that just muddles the tone. Been on a lot of forums and nothing really of help. I squeezed everythign I could out of a X3 and so far, the X3 is tons better tone. I can't believe this should be the case. Any suggestions before this goes back on Ebay? Thanks!
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