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  1. centerjc

    Line6 Gear integration

    I have a JTV-69 and a Spider Jam amp. I just got a good deal on a POD HD500X and I'd like the three to get to know and work with each other. :) I'm connecting the guitar into the Variax input of the pod. I was looking for the L6 Link to the amp but there isn't one. I figured out that I can use the unbalanced output 1/4" jack to get the signal into the amp. But I'm leering of continuing to use this connection cause I don't know if I can cause damage to the new pod. If this is a valid connection, will the pod still still function as it should? Will I be able to use all the effects that I should be able to get out of the pod? Without buying a whole new amp is there any way to get the L6 Link to connect to the spider jam from the pod500x? Thanks for any help :wub: I'm pretty confused at this point!
  2. centerjc

    Total newbie, integrating line6 gear

    Got a JTV guitar and spider jam amp a couple of years ago. Recently added a MKII shortboard. I'm now in the process of purchasing a used pod hd500x. Here's what I'm trying to do: I would like to be able to assign guitar models and amp tones to a switch. I'm told by support that I can't do that with the shortboard-only assign amp tones. But, I will be able to mix and save models and amp tones with the new pod hd500x. Does that make the shortboard an un-needed piece of gear? Does it contribute anything to the equation, or is it superfluous with the addition of the pod hd500? I don't play pro, I just like to like down tracks with the spider jam amp and play them for friends.