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  1. Mine was bought Summer 2013. I mean I really use the tremolo, like EVH did when he originally used the vintage Fender trem. I will say though, the guitar stays in tune really well. +1 on that.
  2. Yeah, I have some good alan wrenches as well :) . I work for a local luthier here in ATX and we've got some good stuff! Anyway, I've heard the GraphTech Ghost saddles may have less quack, but they are made where they are butted up right next to each other, so warble (especially on alt tunings) is supposed to be worsened. I guess, to add, it would also be less frustrating if the saddles didn't shift every time I replace the strings, making it imperative to have to re-adjust them. I find that I like the JTV69s more now that I've gotten used to Workbench HD and have finally manipulated a nice sound out of the guitar, but the saddles make a bad name for all of the other parts that work decent. :)
  3. toneman2121 either way, flat or shallow-cone-shaped, I would need a sharp conical end for the screws to keep in track with the fine grooves on the trem plate. This is what keeps the bridge saddles equidistant from one another, and I would want to make sure they remain that way. Also, the one set of screws that were the right height, were described in standard measurement. I looked into the Ghost system saddles, just to replace all the saddles altogether, but it's just frustrating that if Line 6 were actually thinking about it's customers, they would have provided extras, or provided an easy way to find replacement parts, or just make it well in the first place. My wrench is even stripped. Really cheap parts anyway, to cheapen the wrench and screws even more with softer metal.
  4. Thank you all for your help. I looked at the AllParts link. Unfortunately most all of them are flat-bottomed, and I need pointy-bottomed screws. Anyone know if Warmoth has a transplant option?
  5. My screws are stripped out, though I've been careful. Can someone with the right tools and interest-level take the screw measurement so we know the specs? I need to find some better ones. Thank you for any of your help!
  6. Just look at the line that Yamaha currently carries for electric guitars, effects, amps, etc. It's an extremely small arsenal they offer. I'm a tinkerer (as I'm sure most of us are here) and a deep thinker, point being, I like to learn everything about the investments I execute. I've been following Line6 since the mid 90's, and I concur with you guys. Employee opinion of the company has significantly dropped over at least the past few years. I have owned a: Pod 2.0, DL4, XT Live, M9, M13, JTV, Pod Farm, and HD300. With exception to the DL4 and the Pod 2.0, the product range has always had hiccups, and problems with premature product releases. The customer service has never been that great, but you can see that the number of employees (or lack of) contributed to this. The focus was never on customer service, which especially now more than ever, is the main focus for companies which thrive today. Yamaha is a great company in regards to horizontal diversification. Vertical improvement for the majority of their product line is mediocre. Most people like buying products from companies which specialize in those products (aka. Martin, Fender, Mesa, etc). There is no question that Yamaha has diversified to the extent which it has (anything from jet skis to mixers), because it is a solid business model to pierce your tentacles within as many sectors of the marketplace as possible. Is Yamaha a solid company? Sure. Do they provide an argument to be the best in any one thing? Maybe. They have no guitar line (besides acoustics), unless you call a handful of guitars averaging ~$500 a line. Yamaha wants to diversify using Line 6, because they knew Line 6 was hitting a wall and could buy them out (entirely) for a great price, and therefor providing an avenue for them to keep their miniscule electric line afloat. IMHO Yamaha is about the business model more than anything else, and in that light, and that light only, they are solid. Lastly, and more succinctly: Yamaha (company with obvious horizontal diversification focus) + Line 6 (company with decelerating innovation and employee dissatisfaction) = a mediocre product and disenchanted consumers. Line 6 management received their payout, which for several years now, is an easy conclusion to see based on the trend they've envoked.
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