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  1. Hello joecozzi, 1. Yes, my current iOS is 8.1.1 2. Yes, Mobile POD 1.7.0 3. Yes, of course I guess it is an electricity issue, I mean, maybe these such an electricity from the amp that effecting my iPhone. When it is plugged to an amp, the screen is un-responsive in general not only in Mobile POD. Is there any way to solve this issue..?? Thx in adv.
  2. I do really love the sound of Mobile-POD compared to the other iOS amp simulator (I also purchased Amplitube & JamUp Pro XT). But I have this problem when plugging the sonicport to an amp, the touchscreen of my iPhone-5 become un-responsive (almost impossible to operate by touchscreen). So, I have to unplug my iPhone everytime I want to change preset or change setting, and it's sux.. I've tried to plug it to amp front input and return line, but the the problem still the same. Has anyone experience the same problem..?? How can I solve this problem..?? Please share.. Thank you..
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