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  1. Thanks Uber Guru, you saved me a lot of time. I just ran monkey and now I have everything working including Pod Farm 2.57 64 bit! Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Uber Guru, so when I install GearBox 3.72 should I install the Pod Farm vst as 32 bit, and later if I'm elligible for a 64 bit upgrade do I delete the 32 bit dll's? Is it better to not install the Pod Farm vst with GB and later, after I authorize my UX1, download the 64 bit version of Pod Farm? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply Bill. I also used to run GB and PF2.5 with my old OS (XP 32 bit). Now I think I'll try what you say and install PF2.5 in 32 bit and later try to upgrade to 64 bit. Thanks for the response, I bought my GearBox in 2011, it came with Pod Farm 1.0 with a free upgrade to 2.0. As I recall I later updated it to ver.2.5. So is the Pod Farm 2 that essentially came with my UX1 not elligable for a free upgrade to 64 bit?
  4. Hello, I own a Pod Studio UX1 which comes with GearBox 3.72 and POD Farm 2.5. I've just upgraded my OS from XP to Win 7 64 bit. When I run the GearBox installer it's default placement for the POD Farm vst is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Line6\VST Plugins\ . This is the 32 bit folder. I understand that POD Farm is 64 bit compatible. My question is how can I install GearBox and use Pod Farm 2.5 64 bit? Is there a 64 bit version of GearBox? Thanks
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