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  1. With me it was the low E and it seemed fine for a bout a year or so before problems arose. So It might just need cleaning. I have heard that there are problems with the grounding of the JTV but not sure if I can do anything about this.
  2. ye Yep ordered some new ones today. Just to have them on hand.
  3. Hi Folks, I have a 69JTV and 59JTV. The issue is that I live in Hawaii and sending it to the mainland to get serviced is cost prohibitive. The low E on the 69 is breaking up and cutting out so its time to see what I can do. If I am unsuccessful then I will send it to a shop. I wanted to compile all I can about how to maintain or replace the piezos. 1. Recommend a contact cleaner spray? 2. What is the translucent insulation over the contacts in the video below and how do I replace it? 3. Is there and easier way to just clean them without unsoldering the wires? 4. Any suggestions?
  4. When you say the pins do you mean inside the guitar or just looking down the barrel of the jack from the outside.
  5. Hi Folks, I know that this was discussed before but I can't seem to find a conclusion of how to replace the variax connector on the 300. I have one that works intermittently. Push the cat 5 cable toward the narrow end and it works, toward the wide end and it doesn't. I am assuming that it is finally wearing out. Can someone suggest the easiest way to replace or maybe adjust this for novice? I don't want to send it to a service center since I am in Hawaii. I was hoping for a simple DIY solution.
  6. Hi I'm in Hawaii. How much for a 3 meter cable and what colors are in stock?
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