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  1. Thanks! I probably should've been able to figure that out, appreciate the help...
  2. Hi Pretty new to Helix so would appreciate any help. This is a Helix LT, and yes I have updated to the most current firmware (on both Helix and HX edit, the latter is what I use most of the time to edit). I think what I want is the view option where I have a row of snapshots on the bottom and stomp boxes on the top (Stomp / Snap). Per the manual I go to global settings and pick that under Preset Mode switches, which I did (see pic). But the main view still shows all stomp boxes (see pic #2). I tried a couple of other settings and nothing changes the main view. Is there some basic thing or other setting I'm missing, or is there really a malfunction? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help and comments, I guess I will have to decide if it's worth resetting everything or just accept that I won't know the original names of that handful of presets... And I'll really really make sure the firmware is updated, and learn how to back things up!
  4. Unforch the Vibrolux does not have an effects loop or power amp input. However, it is working better, seemingly, than the Blues Jr. Maybe someday I'll get a FRFR amp but have to save up $ after dropping several coins on the Helix... I appreciate the tips, yes, I've read through a lot of the forums so I am aware of the problems of doing it the way I am (the way I can, for now). I've also read that with patience and tweaking many people are able to get this rig to sound good. The test will be in band setting, but at home, even at high volumes, seems to work pretty well so far. It is a little hard so far to control highs (my Tele is hard to get just right, SG is easier) and overall volume, but I think I can dial it in within reason. Or at least I'm making progress in that direction. At the moment, having a problem with HX edit messing up my preset names, but I posted a different post about that elsewhere...
  5. Hi I'm new to Helix, just got one. Was using HX Edit (v.2.81, Helix itself was also just updated last week so should be current) to move around and rename some of the factory presets - trying to get them organized by type of tone, etc. Well came back to it today and a whole bunch of these presets names were screwed up - see attached. Mostly truncated, either blank or with a few remaining letters. They're all grouped in a particular area, in the bottom of the factory 1 bank. What gives? I definitely did not do this intentionally and I can't see how I could've accidentally. Is this a bug? Have others experienced this? Could it be a problem with my specific unit (which I got recently off Reverb) Any idea what do I have to do to fix? Do I have to do a full reset or is there a way I can restore? Help! Thanks, Eric
  6. Thanks for the helpful comments. I do actually also have a Vibrolux reissue (35 watts, 2x10), so trying that instead. It needs some minor repairs, and also pre-Helix I'd preferred its warmer tone, but seems like it'll do better. I'm also trying the preamp versions of the amp+cabs I liked.
  7. Hi I've just switched over to guitar in my band, and to cover the wide variety of stuff we play I got a Helix. (I know this is common...), I ran the Helix through my amp (Fender Blues Jr.), just into the front and while it sounded pretty good at lower volumes, at high volumes it doesn't. I was just using the standard presets. I've read a bunch of threads so i know most of the issues and discussions, but can't seem to find an answer to this exact question... So, I want to try this *without* cabinet simulation (to see if that helps), but (ideally) still with the amp (preamp?) part. For amp+cab blocks, how do I turn off *just* the cabinet? I see that side in HX edit, but can't figure out how to just turn that off. Am I missing something? Thanks
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