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  1. pauliezx

    L6 Link Cable

    Thanks, Neutrik is actually a local company to me, should be able to pick one of those up
  2. pauliezx

    L6 Link Cable

    I finally managed to get an HD 500 used, for a good price, to go along with a nearly new DT50 I bought a while back, so now I'm looking at the instruction book which is recommending using L6 link. Is the L6 link cable supposed to come with the HD500 as standard or do you have to buy it separately? If so, where is the best place to get one - or is there a better way to connect these two up? Thanks guys
  3. Hello guys, I would like some opinions on this please. I know sound is subjective but you guys will know what I mean. I've had my Vetta 2 for a good few years now, I love the way it's all in one box and easily operated with the floorboard pedals, but as versatile as it is, I can't quite get the level of overdriven distortion out of it I want, it just doesn't quite have that cut in the sound. You can get a fizzy overdriven bassey kind of tone but that's not what I'm after. I'm an 80's hard rock fan but I like the modern hi gain sound a lot of the 80's hard rock bands use live, now as well as back then. I've not tested a pod hd500 but I have seen a lot of demos on youtube and the like, and it does seem to me like the distortion tones are a lot more overdriven and crunchy, therefore I'm thinking of buying one and selling the Vetta. I'm guessing there must be folks on here who have owned Vetta's and now Pod HD's, so particularly interested to hear from anyone in that position. Also, having not owned either Pod HD, is it worth going straight in for the 500x or would a cheaper used 500 be a smarter buy? Thanks Guys
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