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  1. Thanks to everone for your help on this topic. I think I just needed to spend mote time tweaking some of the settings. My tones are finally starting to come together.
  2. Any patch that I set up with either an overdriven amp block or an overdrive/distortion pedal block has a harsh tone. It sounds like if you plugged your guitar into your stomp boxes and then straight into a PA system. Even the clean amp blocks need a lot of tweeking to get them to sound half decent. Is anybody else having this problem? I've tried a couple different setups and it doesn't seem to help much. They all seem to have that 'mushy' sound. Heres what I've tried: 1. JTV 59 into Helix via VDI cable; Left/Mono XLR out (set to "mic") to Carvin RX1200L mixer via XLR cable (channel EQ set flat); then out to two L3t speakers via XLR cables, 2. JTV 59 into Helix via VDI cable; L6 Link out to L3t via AES/EBU cable. 3. JTV 59 into Helix via VDI cable; L6 Link out to DT25 via AES/EBU cable. 4. I've even tried some of these combinations with a Strat style guitar and a guitar cable. Not much difference.
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