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  1. So I did a little more searching & found the following in the "Knowledge Base". "Relay G30/G50/G90 Device Firmware 2.0 Update""NOTE: An XD-V75 Receiver is required in order to perform this upgrade. If you cannot access an XD-V75 Receiver via a friend or retailer, please contact Line 6 Customer Service for assistance. TBP12 transmitters must currently be loaded with firmware v1.03 or greater to upgrade via Monkey. If your TBP12 has an earlier version firmware installed, it will need to be returned to Line 6 for upgrading." "Instructions for updating the Relay G30/G50/G90 Receivers: Obtain an XD-V75 Receiver Connect the XD-V75 Receiver to your PC or Mac using a USB cable Disconnect, then reconnect the DC power plug for the XD-V75. "Loader Enabled" should be displayed. Connect the XD-V75 Receiver to the G30/G50/G90 Receiver by using a cable with TRS to TRS (stereo) 1/4 inch phone plugs on either end. The cable should plug into the 1/4 inch audio output of both the XD-V75 and the G30/G50/G90 Receivers Launch Line 6 Monkey, then Log In, then select "Relay G30/G50/G90 Receiver" as your device and follow the on screen instructions" This looks like a losing venture so far.....I don't have a Line 6 dealer within 200 miles. Kinda bogus that Line 6 suggests the solution is to "borrow" a reciever, lol. Like everyone I know has one. If no one on here has any suggestions, I might open a Support Ticket & see what Line 6 has to say. If there are no options beyond replacing the G30 transmitter (not gonna mess around with that plastic thing anymore) or buy a whole new system, it might be time to check out the Shure stuff.
  2. What is the USB cable? USB to 1/4" ?? Where might I find one?
  3. Hi All, So I've recently had my G30 Transmitter bite the dust. Rather than replace it with another flimsy battery door, plastic body, etc....I'd like to buy a TBP12 transmitter & use it with my existing G30 Reciever. Per the Line 6 TBP12 manual: "The TBP12 with V2 or later firmware utilizes our latest digital wireless transmission method, and is fully channel compatible with Relay G30, Relay G50, Relay G90, XD-V35, XD-V55 and XD-V75 models that have Version 2 software running RF2 mode." So how do I tell what firmware my existing G30 reciever has? It's circa 2011. I'd hate to buy a new TBP12 & find out it won't work with my reciever. I don't believe I have any local Line6 support to perform any updates if needed. And I'm not too enthused about trying to do that myself. I'd also hate to shell out more $$ for a whole new Tx/Rx system. Any thoughts?
  4. Yup. But it would have to be somewhere internal on the transmitter, no? Since the battery lid design already crosses the batteries, neg of one to pos of the other, any pressure on the lid wouldn't change that. I'm pretty well sure I'll have to replace it. I just thought it was odd & I couldn't find any other info on this kind of problem.
  5. So during the first set of a gig, my signal totally dropped out. Dead batteries. Weird because I always check that before going on....but ok. New batteries in & everything is lovely. Immediately, the battery signal on the Rx drops to red light and my signal is gone again. Wth? So I cable up & get through the gig. I get the unit home, put fresh batteries in & try to see what's up. I notice with the slightest bit of pressure on the battery door, the thing drains the batteries immediately. What's up with that? If I leave it untouched, it's fine. As soon as it's handled at all....the slightest bit of pressure on the battery door & it immediatley drains the batteries. My particular use.....I've had the unit since apprx 2011. I had removed the cheezy belt clip years ago & keep it in a cell phone belt case, that also serves to keep the battery door snuggly closed. I've searched the usual places but don't see a situation like this. Any thoughts?
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