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  1. Its more detailed than expected, but I think I got it.
  2. Yes, we want to play at the same time. 1 Will use the effects generated by the POD, and the other would use exterior GT100 for signal processing into Line in 2 (Back) of POD. Could you elaborate on the 2 signal chains left and right? How to accomplish that in the POD? Thanks in advance tec
  3. That did the trick! I was using the INSTRUMENT OUT TO THE RETURN, AND I SHOULD HAVE BEEN USING THE OUTPUT SECTION TO THE RETURN. Using the output section of the rockman to the return of the POD is where it works great. Thank you so much guys Now Scenario 2 If I want to have 2 guitar players coming into the the POD. Guitar 1 (in input 1) and a second guitar using external effects into line inputs on the back of the POD. I can get both to work but they seem to cancel each other out. Almost seems like one cuts the other out, even though I have the inputs set separately! Any Ideas? Thanks again, I really appreciate your help here Tec
  4. Thanks guys for your patience. I have done what I think your asking me to do. I am attaching another pic of what I have done, but all I get is a clean sound. As I stated before, I am missing something because I am not getting the desired tone the from the rockman. I have the inputs 1 and 2 set to guitar within the POD If I use the outputs from the rockman and plug guitar directly to the rockman instrument input, I get classic rockman sound. Just seems when I am using the loop and plugging guitar into the pod, I get a clean tone only. I must be missing something. Perhaps im not following directions? Im not too proud. If im screwing up, let me know. Any suggestions? Tec
  5. I'm thinking I should clarify. The rockman is an analogue guitar processor. I noticed codamedia mentioned adding it to other presets. Would not want to apply that sound to any other preset. Just want that sound only in its own preset. Am I making sense? Cause Im confusing the hell out of myself. Yes, and I have a rockman X100 mounted in a rockmount rack that I want to run through the POD, I am assuming through the effects loop as codamedia had recommended. I have attached a pic of the rig. I tried to set it up but am seemingly as dumb as a box of rocks with these new toys. The rockmount has an instrument IN and OUT, 1/4 inch jacks on the front and 2 output jacks (Left and right) on the front panel. I am currently running unbalanced cables from the instrument IN to the send (Mono) of the POD and another unbalanced from the Instrument OUT to the Return (mono) of the POD. Not even sure if I have the correct send and return cables in the right inputs. I created a user preset for 1A with only the fx loop. The loop is on, very low output and no rockman tone. I checked the output by holding "View" and , and set it to the guitar setting, but tried each one and same result. If I use the outputs and run them into the line ins of the POD,I can select the output 2 and things work great, only if Im plugged into the rockman. To complicate matters more. I know I am doing something wrong, just not familiar with either of these as I have always used a gt100. I feel like my first girlfriend, unsure of anything. lol Tec
  6. Yeah Sorry guys. I am an idiot. lol Meant to say run the Rockman through the POD. Forgive me!
  7. Hello again all! New by here. Just purchased my POD HD PRO X. I have a Rockman / Rockmount and I am wondering how to run it through the POD HD, so I can kick a button on my MKII Controller and I only hear the rockman. Some say to run it through the effects loop, others say to run it into the Line in Jacks on the back of the POD HD. MY ULTIMATE GOAL: Switch to only hear my rockman, clear and unprocessed by the POD HD. Can this be done? If someone can enlighten me. Im pretty quick with this stuff, but I am baffled in trying to understand the using of the FX loop with an empty channel? I can see that I can add a FL loop on an existing sound bank, but to create an empty preset with only FX loop is confusing to me. Perhaps Im making it more difficult than it really is? If someone could please take the time to enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry the Newbieness, but we all got to start somewhere on these new devices. lol Thanks - Tec
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