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  1. First , I use Firehawk about a year , and I like it . There many fautures that is really good. BUT I completely agree with the people from the forum that the support of Firehawk is completely disgusting. It sounded here that if everything works as promised, it means everything is OK. In my case, this is not enough. Firehawk is far from being ideal. And buying this device , I went on certain compromises with myself hoping that some of them will be solved by software updates, as it usually made by Line 6 and as other vendors do. For example, there many complains that as in HD 500 as in Firehawk distortions do not sound natural. It is true. I didn't expect to much, I was ready that it will be difference. I just want to tell that there are many ways to make this device better. Also there on the forum was many requests about possibilities to add some pedalas. All of them are ignored. In my case it would nice to add some pitch shifter. Other problems I have: - sound playing with lag . This is a problem when i learning something with guitar pro. - tone of backing track is shifting. So i sound like off tune. ( I can tune a guitar to be in tune) This problems rise with Android and Apple devices. - android app suddenly asks to sign in for many times That is short list of my issues. Other people here writing about other. There is no feedback.
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