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  1. I have a POD HD DESKTOP (BLACK BEAN), I recently got a Crown XLS 1002 Power amp, this week i'm getting a 5150 III 2x12 cab. I'm planning upgrading my BLACK BEAN to a HD500. My questions are... how many cables and what type of cables do I need? How I would setup the inputs/outputs? http://www.gearnuts.com/images/closeup/xl/1600-PODHD500_detail3.jpg https://adn.harmanpro.com/product_attachments/product_attachments/2422_1428699413/XLS_DriveCore_2_1002_back_top_w_shadow_full_width.png http://www.gearnuts.com/images/closeup/xl/1600-5150212STIv_detail3.jpg
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