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  1. Hi all, So I'd like to use my HX FX as an IR loader for the torpedo captor load box using the dry line out signal on the captor. My current signal flow is as follows: GUITAR -> HX FX main input -> some fx such as compressor and wah -> fx send 1->external overdrives->FX return 1->modulation, delays and reverbs->HX out to amp head. Now, the question is: can I use the second fx loop to have the dry line out from the captor+IR block BEFORE the modulations, delay etc? (i.e. after the first fx loop). Would something like that work? GUITAR -> HX FX main input -> some fx such as compressor and wah -> fx send 1->external overdrives->FX return 1->FX send 2->amp front (NO fx loop on amp)->captor line out->FX return 2->IR block->modulation, delays and reverbs->HX out to audio interface Am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. With the HX effects I don’t have two separate outputs. I’ve tried this: Guitar -> External overdrive into helix input -> HX send 1 to MV50 input -> MV line out to HX return 1 -> HX out to audio interface. In the Helix path I’ve put: 2 blocks for ambient effects (that should be before the amp) -> send 1 -> return 1 -> IR as last block in the chain Does it make sense? Thank you
  3. Hi all, I’d like to use the IR loading function of the HX with a vox MV50. My ideal chain would be: external overdrive pedal -> HX for delay, reverb, etc, -> Vox MV50 input -> Vox MV50 line out -> HX for IR -> out to scarlett or PA Is this possible? Thank you!
  4. Have you guys some experience in using the Laney IRT-X as a FRFR speaker/cab for the helix? http://www.laney.co.uk/products/irt-x/ Thanks
  5. I am sorry, it is true that my post was not clear. What I meant is that even if I changed the outs in the global settings to 1/4 or xlr only, the big volume knob continues to affect the usb volume.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've already tried this, however changing the 1/4 or xlr outs does not affect the usb out.
  7. Hello, I have my helix connected to pc via usb in order to use the editor. However, when I control the volume with the large volume knob on the helix this also affects the volume coming out from the pc (like spotify, youtube, etc). Is there a way to have the large knob only controlling the helix and not the pc? Thanks in advance
  8. I am really not saying that, my point being that I spend a lot of time tweaking to sound worse than I used to. I don't want and don't expect the helix to be plug and play but I want it to sound good after the right amount of tweaking. Defining the right amount of tweaking I think is kind of personal, but I am at a point where it bothers me spending 10 hrs tweaking and 1 hr playing and still being unhappy with my tone. Please note that I am principally blaming my monitors for that and starded this post asking for suggestions. Cheers.
  9. I can get nice clean tones but as soon as I add an od block or a use a high gain amp, the tone gets boxy and kind of muffled. I did tweak quite a bit, added eq blocks, high cut, low cut, parallel cabs, followed the good advices here on the forum but I am still not happy with the combo od tones + mackie cr4. So, assuming that the cr4 are the weak point of the system, moving to nicer monitors or to a PA speaker should help. At least I hope so because I have recently spent more time tweaking than actual playing and I am starting to ask myself why I spent all this time with the helix instead of playing my tubes amps which sound so much better and are way more plug and play.
  10. At the moment helix is mostly for home use. The studio/room is quite small (about 12m2) and even if I was considering a FRFR speaker, I am afraid it is too much for the present use. Does PA speaker sounds good at bedroom level?
  11. Hello and thanks for the replies. Sounds like I need a pair of decent monitors. What about the yamaha hs7? They seem highly regarded on the forum. I've checked the global settings and the output level is set to line. I also have an OT question. When connecting the helix via usb to my pc, the volume knob affects also the volume coming out of my pc (like spotify, youtube, etc). Is there a way to have the volume knob only controlling the helix volume? In the global settings I was only able to set the db value of the usb out.
  12. Hello, I am running my helix through a pair of mackie CR4. The clean tones are quite ok while the overdriven ones are kind of boxy. Do you think I can solve the problem by replacing the cr4 with monitors having a larger woofer? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your reply! I think I will also try to connect the helix into the fx return of my ac15
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