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  1. MIDI integration and concepts will weigh heavily in how my scale balances, when figuring out if this is the right piece of gear to purchase. MIDI features have been sorely lacking for me, and I'm guessing others, in the HD/HD...X series. Biggest letdowns of the last series were no MIDI over USB, and no MIDI integration for effect and amp parameters. Patch changes were there, but without true effect trails, and with audio dropout between patches...too much obvious breakup and latency added. Additionally, the USB enclosure for the last series was way too loose; USB cables will fall out of the units on slight tugs, and lose connection to external devices without much movement. Homerun on the enclosure will be a nice, snug USB connection. I'll point out that you can hold an MPC Renaissance in mid-air by the USB cord and it will not budge the connection. That's a secure connection, and something I'm looking for Line6 to deliver! Crossing my fingers, and looking forward to release.
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