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  1. my HD500, which is already registered. I have tried re-registering it and I get an error from Line6 saying it's already registered...
  2. I have an HD500 currently controlling a GSP1101. I'm thinking of replacing the GSP with an HD Pro, but need to be able to use CC messages to change effect and amp parameters, and I understand none of the Pods respond to MIDI CC messages. Can the HD500 be used with Line 6 Link to continuously control amp and effect parameters on an HD Pro?
  3. thorrune

    Pod Hd @ 12v

    I have a power supply rated for 12VDC @ 5A I've been using to power some of my pedals. Can the HD500 run at 12V safely? I assume all the sensitive digital components are running off a much lower internally regulated voltage than the 9VDC that the stock supply gives it, but best to make sure before plugging it in...
  4. thorrune

    Power Supply Polarity Question

    I have 2 separate signal chains, the TU-2 goes to my rack & head and the HD500 is used as a MIDI controller (and backup should my main rig fail), hence the need for a separate tuner. The HD series PSUs are different from other Line 6 products, both in terms of plug size/polarity and current capacity.
  5. thorrune

    Power Supply Polarity Question

    I am hoping to be able to use my HD500 power supply to also power a single Boss pedal. I only have one other pedal that requires power (a Boss TU-2) on my pedalboard and considering its max current draw is only 55mA, the Line 6 PSU should be able to easily supply that as well as the Pod. I realize the Boss uses a 5.5/2.1mm negative center and the Line 6 PSU is 5.5/2.5 positive center, but I've got an adapter/splitter to solve that. My only concern would be if the Pod uses a negative ground like the Boss pedal does; obviously if it uses a positive ground it wouldn't work. So my question is: does the negative side of the Line 6 PSU go directly to ground in the HD500? Thanks.
  6. thorrune

    Hd500x Patches To Hd500

    I understand that HD500 patches can be imported to the HD500X, but what about the other way. Can a patch created on a HD500X be imported in to an HD500 (assuming the patch doesn't exceed its processing power)?
  7. thorrune

    Tuner Mute Midi Cc Message

    Is there any way to send a MIDI CC signal when the tuner is engaged? Live I use my Pod as a MIDI controller (and handy backup) and would like to trigger the tuner mute in my rack with a MIDI CC message, but would also like to keep the tap-tempo MIDI CC as I use that for my rack mounted effects as well.