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  1. There used to be a drop down menu for audio signal routing as seen with the earlier devices like the XTlive, I thought I used to have access to this menu on the HD pro X but now its not there so I must have been mistaken. I tried going back to an earlier driver and didn't see it so maybe i'm completely wrong but I plugged in my older device to take screenshot showing the menu i'm talking about. If I were to use the HD pro X for re-amping instead of using a simple drop down menu i got to do hokey stuff like pan hard left hard processed signal pan hard right clean signal OR run another cable from the dry out to a separate interface....which is silly for a 600$ effects unit when my older 100$ PodXT floor unit still allows me to send clean, send process, send clean +reamp Why did Line 6's decided to strip there products of this signal routing flexibility?
  2. I recently bought a line 6 pod HD pro X, I'm really confused On the footcontroller page it says ("NOTE: FBV Shortboard is NOT compatible with Ax212™, Flextone™ I, II or HD, POD® Pro, Bass POD®, Bass POD® Pro and Spider™.)" But then i go on the compatibility chart it has a red checkmark saying its compatible http://line6.com/footcontrollers/compatibility.html Same story with the full size board (which I'd prefer) (NOTE: FBV is NOT compatible with Ax212™, Flextone™I, II or HD, POD® Pro, Bass POD®, Bass POD® Pro and Spider™.) http://line6.com/footcontrollers/fbv.html Anyone know's what's the story?
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