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  1. my intentions were to get rid of pedal, and have more room to expand on sound and options. and this will sound odd, but due to being a firefighter for almost 20 yrs my back is shot and the constant bending to screw with the pedals made it not so fun anymore. I'm completely new to this, the instructions for it suck, and I'm about to throw it out the window and take up with flute! lol
  2. nope you nailed it!..been playing for 30+ but this gear is all new to me
  3. So I'm now looking for some help on just how to run this to my amp head. Here is what I have. EVH 5150III 50W head, and Cab. Also wanna incorporate my KORG Rack tuner ...yes I know I don't need it now with the POD, but its much easier to see for me. Where do I even start???? Thanks!
  4. Looking for a video or some help just getting started with my Pro X. I'm a pedal guy for years and now this....and it hurts my brain a bit! Any advise as to getting started is greatly appreciated!! Sean
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