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  1. Thanks for your reply, for your information line 6 tech support answered to my ticket that....there was a bug, finally, mut THEY DID NOT KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE SOLVED...!! so i ve left my line 6 product and bought another device, running fine with ios 12.. good bye line 6, 4 ever...
  2. Hi, I'm facing a blocking issue since I've upgraded my ipad air to ios 12.4... Using GarageBand too ,Mmobile Pod crashes every time I want to record ... The LIne6 support does not answer to my ticket for more than one week ... Anyone facing same issue as me ? thanks
  3. Hi using iPad Air 1 with mobile pod and GarageBand : since the IOS12 installed : at recording step :Mobile Pod crashes.... is it the same for you?
  4. Hello, I'm using the mobile pod 2.0.2 on IOS (ipad air ) and I cannot find the button :"delete" after selecting one or several user tones .... besides, when I save a tone as "Trash" for instance, if it already exists : it creates another Trash tone ....with exactly the same name ... thank you for your help, I'm starting to despair .... regards
  5. Hi simeyb Sure it helps !! wonderful ! there is not another word !! : exactly what I was looking for !! : I thought that, like I have the sonic port (without a mic) : it was normal that I could not see the recording interface, contrary to the sonic port VX which has a mic .., but this recording interface I saw in Utube was coming from garage band !! so I gonna install it as soon I go back to home today ! sure !! many many thanks !!! come at home a day, if you trip to paris I' ll offer you a fresh bier ! thanks, have a nice weekend
  6. hello, almost all is said in the title: i've not the sonic vx port but the sonic port : so the record square is not available to record my guitar playing, do you know any ipad application , free or cheap, to let me record while the mobile pod apppl is opened and running, of course ..? my sonic port output is connected to my vox amp, so i need to use the ipad microphone, thank you, cheers from france
  7. Hello dear all ! Sorry for these 3 following stupid questions, I'm a newbie regarding the sonic port which should be delivered in a few days .., I'm just wondering regarding the sound output on the sonic port : 1) I've at home 2 active speakers Adam A7 (XLR wiring...) , I presume that if I want to connect the output of the Sonic port to these speakers : I have to order a Jack-XLR wire ? 2)I've at home too a Vox amp 15W (input : jack of course) : may I connect the output of the sonic port to this input on my Vox amp ? : Is there any risk or problem to play with both amplifiers : as the one of the Sonic port and the one of the Vox amp ? 3) What are you usually using as speakers connected to the output of the sonic port ? (excluded the ear phones..) thank you very much for your help sorry for my poor english, I'm a poor frenchy guy ! ;-)) see you
  8. thanks, yes I've already backed up my presets, but this feature (locking) could be very useful, it's really a pity that we cannnot have this functionality, if we could escalate this request to designers a day .... thanks ...
  9. hello, Is it possible to lock a preset using pod hd pro edit ? (I mean in the setlists menu : I would like a right-click-button displaying for instance : "lock preset" or something like that ...preventing to modify or erase later this wonderful preset ...) sometimes with the drag and drop functionality, some presets may be erased (they are in orange color and in italic mode) and there is not any "undo" button , unfortunately ... thank you, cheers
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