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  1. Someone decided to get "cranky" with our church's handheld and over-tightened the battery cover. The result was that when attempting to unscrew it, the plastic holding the retaining screw broke, the battery compartment came lose, and the power wires broke loose. I soldered the wires to the pins, but I'm now getting what looks like an error code on the transmitter LEDs. When I turn it on, it does the sweep, flashes the channel it was on, then begins flashing all of the LEDs - 2 pulses and a pause, repeating. The only way to turn it off is to remove a battery. I can't find any information on LED error codes for these mics. Insight that doesn't involve anything resembling the phrase, "Yeah, I don't know... something probably broke when it pulled loose or when you soldered it," would be very much appreciated.
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