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  1. I have a POD HD 500 and I was looking at the 4CM and I thought it was amazing. I wanna hook up my Bugera 6262 in the 4CM. How do I setup my POD so that with a click on a footswitch I can bypass my tube preamps and use my PODS. If you can please tell me how to set it up step by step Thanks!
  2. I love my POD HD 500 and its amazing! I heard in songs that they have a guitar tone or EQ idk where they guitar sings but you can feel a room with hitting the 21 fret on the 1st string. I use a 20ms delay and reverb but its sounds very high and thin. How can i thicken it up? i am a newb at eq'ing if thats what i got to do. so if u can please describe it for me i would appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Im not really fimiliar with messing with the EQ but like maybe used another pedal with like certian setting I guess would help or like set your volume pedal at __% and when you push it up it goes to 100% stuff like that. My mind in the EQ stuff is very small and not really fimiliar adjusting my pedals for better sound so having the individual knob positions would help Thanks!
  4. I want to have a pedal I can use that would give me those mids to cut through for a solo but I dont know how much I can raise volume without being over power. I have a boost pedal about 75% time on for my lead playing at church for like Lincoln Brewster music but when it goes to a solo I want to push on something to make it more present. What would you recommend? I got one spot on my pod fx for a pedal Thank you!
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