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  1. It was already updated to 2.92 and it's still having the same issues.
  2. I haven’t updated in about a month, so I’ll try that. Thanks!
  3. Anybody else’s tap tempo not working correctly on Helix Floor? Most of the time I tap or go to tuner mode it goes to the highest bpm of 240. My default tempo is 120. Sometimes if I do a single tap it’ll go down to a slower bpm but for the majority of the time it just goes to its highest setting. Really frustrating especially since I play live.
  4. @malhavok just seeing if it's possible. I just got the Helix Floor and haven't had a chance to sit down with it yet. Purchased and downloaded a few snapshots from David Hislop. This is all still new terminology for me lol, so trying to figure things out. I'm just wanting to know if you can go further into a snapshot and control a certain fx assigned to that snapshot, or am I stuck with those fx turned on the whole time? So say I'm using a Verse snapshot but want to turn off delay, am I able to trigger that fx off or would I have to create a separate snapshot for that?
  5. This might be a stupid question, but it is possible to toggle fx on and off within a snapshot? Can't find any information on that.
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