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  1. I have the AXE FX 2 but I will be buying the 150 to practice around the house and to use the Bluetooth option to stream music. I was fixing to purchase a BOSE wavestation III but with the option to play and practice Id much rather have this. I think they are hitting an untapped market with this thing. I mean think about the money it will save someone that is going to buy those things separately...... It can even be used as your TV speakers.... Beyween a Bose and a Soundbar you have already spent 800 This thing is 499
  2. I live my JTV-89F but have always had a problem getting a true strat sound. When I hit full chords or played lead it seemed like everything on the GB and E strings didnt cut through. Well my friends I have finally found the fix that makes it ring and bite like a true strat. step 1: Go into your workbench HD and at the bottom of the screen change the preset volume from 0 to 5 on each of the 5 position strat models. step 2: Click on the strings tab step 3: notice all the individual string volumes are set to 100 bridge , 2nd, and middle positions change the first three numbers to 60 so it will be 60 60 60 100 100 100 4th position it needs to be 50 60 60 100 100 100 neck position 40 60 60 100 100 100 AI dont know why they were set at all 100 like that from that factory but I have tried this on several amps at flat eq and your chords and leads now are full and match.
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