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  1. Hello! So I did some tests, and the 4CM sounds really different than the standard mode. But anyway, it looks to me better. I have to experience it a little bit more. What about using the amp emulation with 4CM? Should I change something? I did a test, setting a BF Lux on NRM input, but I experienced a lot of digital clips while playing hard on the strings. And last : what about using distorsions from the POD? (I mean pedals, not AMP) Many thanks! Andrea
  2. @Aeolianreflex what type of output do you use? Studio/Direct? Combo power amp? Are you using only distortions from the HD500 or do you use also your Blackstar channels? Can anybody share a default patch with standards effects in, so I can import it and test it, please? Many thanks to everybody! Next week I will come back to my rehearsal room and I will give a try. Cheers Andrea
  3. Many thanks to everybody, I will give it a try and let you know! :-) Cheers Andrea
  4. Hi there! While performing on live stage, I would like to deactivate the Amp Emulation of my POD HD500 and use my Blackstar HT100 Head for Clean/Dist sounds. How should I connect the POD to the Head? Guitar --> Pod Guitar In --> Pod Out --> Head Main Input or Guitar --> Head Main Input Head Effects send-->Pod Guitar In -->Pod Out --> Head Effects Return or ....? What do you suggest? Yesterday I tried the first one, but in this way my Head looses ALOT of punch... And do I have to switch any parameter on the POD system configuration? (e.g. Studio/Direct, or....) Many Thanks!!! Andrea
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