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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I probably interpreted something into the release notes, which I subconsciously wanted to read there. Sorry, but I have the perfect excuse: I be German and my English no good. On the other hand: Wouldn't it be a nice feature of 2.16 to reflect the selected alternate tuning in the edit field? The software knows it anyway, as a click on the "Manage" button shows. As for the Helix: I am sure it is a nice tool, but I already have a POD xt live, a POD X3 pro, a Variax 500, a Variax Standard and a JTV 59 and I had to learn that Line 6 prodcuts often enough are not fully downward compatible. So the Helix would only solve a part of the problem and might create others (one of them being a considerable hole in my wallet). I will stick to what I have for a while and keep dreaming of software improvemets, exceptional customer care, ... An actual product manager?! Wow, maybe dreams come true sometimes. Greetings, Joerg.
  2. Tanks to both of you, do I sense sarcasm in your answer, abonica? Just in case you were wondering about my stupid question: It's not so stupid, after all. When you store your own alt-tunings on your guitar, the silkscreen on the knob is completely worthless. So showing the preset in the software would make sense. But I do admire your low-terch common sense approach. It's probably the best we are going to get from Line6.
  3. Hi everybody, Workbench 2.15 promises to show the alternate tuning preset selected on the guitar in the PRESET selection field. Mine doesn't. What about yours? Thanks.
  4. Sorry to contradict, but Cat 6 will work just fine. All the CATegories are downward compatible.
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