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  1. Tried this. i guess I just didn't scroll deep enough to find the sets I was looking for. Thanks for the help.
  2. I'm trying to do this on the Helix itself. Will I need to use the editing software instead?
  3. I've set up a Guitar + Vocal template. How do I send (or copy/paste) it to a new preset in a different bank?
  4. pwilly

    undo switch assign

    Ahhh... That's the ticket! I was working on a Guitar + Vocals template that I was hoping to remove EQ from a switch since it will always be active and leave an extra unused switch for future needs but this is a simple enough fix if a different block is needed for a specific song. Many thanks!
  5. pwilly

    undo switch assign

    I mistakenly assigned a block to a switch and can't figure out how to remove it so I can assign a different block to it.
  6. Greetings, I'm playing through an xt live. I recently was editing sound on one setting but made a mistake as to which channel I was on when editing. Is there a way to re-load factory settings for an individual channel rather than re-setting the intire pedal to factory settings? Thanks, Willy
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