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  1. Ouch that sounds a lot harder than I thought it wold be. Looked at the Morningstar and it cost a lot more than Im ready to pay just to change presets. Thank for the info!
  2. Ok. Thanx i will look into it and try to find a midi controller and try with that.
  3. ...ok. Unfortunately im to much of a n00b to know the difference. This is the one i got: WIll that work or is it the wrong one?
  4. Hi I got a Helix and when im home i got it on a shelf so it would be great to be able to change presets up and down with my small external footswitch but i cant figure out how to do it. Is it possible?
  5. Thanx! Downloading it now and will try it out on the weekend.
  6. Hi Im more or less given up on this until a new version of the application arrives. I have tried version 1.7 and 1.71 but with the same result. I run it on a MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.4. Have tried it in Garageband and Logic. Line6 support tells me that somethings not right in the activation but its hard to see because I can't read the logs. The app tells me its activated. They tells me its a bug. @eltoffer: Cant find where I can download an older version (1.60)
  7. And now the ticket is in 'assumed answered' state. The last entry from Line6: Hi, Looks like this is a bug, we have it logged. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out Thanks for sending the detailed information Best regards, Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe @metropolis_4 Cant hurt if you open a ticket.
  8. I have a ticket on this. Line6 have reported this as a bug. Don't know what's happening whit it but if more people open tickets about this the better. Have tried everything it feels but nothing works. Sent them a tcpdump when it crashes so they know what happens. Havent heard from them in awhile but the ticket is open still.
  9. Regarding firewall I tried that to. When I authenticated Native I turn off Mac OS X own firewall. But it crash anyway. Don't have anything else that could stop the traffic. What Mac OS do you run? I have Mojave 10.14.2.
  10. I can't read the logs cause they are in .dat files. Probably only Line6 can get something from them but I guess that the authentication don't completely work for me. When I do it on a fresh install it just hangs at 'This will take a few minutes' . If I after awhile click on ok everything seems ok but I guess something didn't work. Well, I will wait for a new version or an answer from Line6. Thank for your input soundog.
  11. Today Line6 answered that this is a bug and they have logged it. So I hope this will be solved in a future release. To answer your questions: Native and everything around it works as it should. The only thing that don't work is when the plugin is imported into a DAW and I open the Native gui without internet connection. Then the plugin and the DAW crashes.
  12. I think I have read all the forum post about Native problems. Have read the link "36834-helix-plug-in-on-macos-permanent-spinner/" but can't find anything that help me. Everything works but I have to have internet connection to open the gui in a DAW. The things I have tried, whit the help from Line6, is: 1: remove everything and reinstall/authorize Native and computer. 2: remove everything that has anything to do with the authorizing and do it again. But the problem persists. I have to have network access on to open the Native gui in a DAW. The last thing the support said was that it looked like the authentication got corrupt. But after that they stoped answer. I can't find any log that can give me any clues to what don't work when I authorize Native.
  13. Hi I know that this has been up on this forum but this has only been for the trial version(I think). I have bought and registered/authenticated Native without problem. The problem is the the gui of the application/plugin. If i import Native inte Logic(or Garageband) and close wifi it will work until i click on Native to open the gui. Then the DAW crashes with HelixCocoaView error. I have also let wifi to be active but not loged in to the network but it crash with the same error. I have run tcpdump when i open the gui in a DAW and it phone home ALOT! If that don't work it crashes. I have a case about it and Line6 has tried to help but nothing have fixed the problem. Now they seems to have give up because they don't answer anymore. Anyone that have had the same problem and solved it? I can't be online all the time when i work on a project so I have to let Native go if i don't get this to work. Regards Patrik
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