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  1. Thanks for your help. Let’s hope I don’t screw this up like the other day when I managed to over-write all of my saved presets on my pc! ive now got to start from scratch. I hate pc’s !!
  2. Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. So this will give me all the other stuff like the legacy effects etc that came in the 2.5 version? Sorry if that sounds like a dumb question !!
  3. Hi. Could someone tell me if I can load up the 2.6 update when my LT is on version 2.3 and will it give me all the stuff that came with 2.5 onwards? Many thanks.
  4. I’ll return the unit as it’s under warranty so I definitely won’t be paying a bean!
  5. That I haven’t tried. I have a take-apart iec connector that I can just remove the earth from. I’ll give it a try.
  6. I’ve done that. No help. Looks like I’ll have to return it for repair/replacement...major grief !
  7. Have guitar sound output from helix with constant hum either direct in or 4cm. Obviously no guitar with helix switched off but the hum comes through the amp.
  8. Guitar into amp is as quiet as a church mouse. Tried friends amp, same noise. I’ve removed all my other pedals etc from the equation.
  9. Hi everyone. New to forum person here with a helix LT hummer . I’ve had the Helix since August 17. Very pleased with it, however about 4 Weeks ago a nasty constant hum has developed. Before everyone starts bouncing back with ideas about guitar cables and everything else this is a strange one. I use it in 4 cable to my valve amp and don’t use any amp models. So, helix connected to amp with 4 cables or directly in to front of amp, connect the mains lead to the helix and the gruesome loud hum appears before the helix is even switched on!! Driving me nuts now as my last three gigs have not been a pleasurable experience ! Personally I think the helix is duff but any ideas out there guys ??
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