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  1. wow.. thanks for the quick reply! so 1/8th in out from the IPAD (headphone jack basically) into the 1/8th Aux in on the M20D? That would have to be a long 1/8th inch Aux cable... is there a distance limitation on sound quality? The Keybard is at least 25 feet from where the mixer sits.
  2. This question covers multiple Line6 product lines... Our Keyboard player runs his Yamaha stage piano direct into the 1/4 inch input on the M20D .. no prob.. sounds great with the stock Keyboard EQ settings. He's shopping for a new Keyboard (like MobileKeys) so he can play B3 Organ sounds from garageband patches on his IPAD simultaneously. We want to hook him directly into the M20D like his main board. Can you even hook the MobileKeys directly to the M20D since there aren't any 1/4 outs on the MobileKeys? If it's not possible.. could we use the SonicPort (which is crazy fun on it's own) and run throught that? sorry for the dumb question.. i'm just a guitar guy who pulls sound duty. I know less than nothing about keys, MIDI, etc..
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