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  1. Helix is using the drivers from Line 6, not Asio4All ones. To be sure, I removed Asio4All completely from my PC. I'll try updating the mobo and keep fiddling with disabling stuff.
  2. I followed an article, detailing 20 steps to optimize your PC for use with a DAW. Turning off or removing the wireless Belkin adapter did not seem to make a difference. Ran the DPC Latency Checker, as per the edit in my previous post. It picked up a lot of latency. Enabling one of the seemed USB devices in device manager seemed to stabilize it at a lower latency level. Right now, it doesn't seem to matter whether it's on or off. Tried disabling and re-enabling several devices with no further results. It did go from 16.000µs to 1.000µs, so that's a big improvement. The drop in latency does seem to have a big effect on the problem. It's still there, but way less frequent and the glitches take shorter to disappear when occuring.
  3. Thanks for the replies and the help all. :) Will check for latency on the ports and check back. The computer itself isn't too old. The CPU in there is a AMD FX 8350, an eight core at 4hz. 16 gigabytes of RAM. The DAW itself is FL Studio 11. All running on Windows 10. I do have some stuff running alongside my DAW, but nothing demanding. Google Chrome and the like. Shouldn't really be anything the CPU can't handle. Thing is, CPU handles it fine as long as it's running through the 'internal' soundcard, the trouble starts when using the soundcard in the Helix (or PodXT for that matter). Also, just want to point out this doesn't sound like the latency issue of loading too many plugins or something. Then it's 'stuttery', kind of jittery. But this is reeeaaally chopped, like a chop of sound of a half a second to a second, interspersed by a few seconds of nothing. It doesn't just do it with FL Studio either. It'll do the same thing when running other audio (soundfiles, YouTube etc.) through the external soundcard. EDIT: Checking back already. Ran DPC Latency Checker and it showed extreme latency in the system. I tried disabling/enabling a few devices and one of the usb-ports was disabled. When I enabled it, latency dropped dramatically. Now, it doesn't seem to matter if it's on or off. It stays medium latency, spiking into high at times. Can't really find another device that affects latency.
  4. Hi all, Recently got a Helix and I'm loving every second of working with it. But, unfortunately I'm plagued by one major issue. I have my Helix connected to my PC through the USB connection. It's not going through hubs, into a USB3 port. At regular intervals, every few minutes or so, the sound of my DAW will just seemingly cut out completely and only play back in stutters with a few seconds between each said stutter. That'll go on for a while until it's done fussing and it'll go back to normal for a few minutes. One way to stop the stuttering is to switch the playback device to my systems own soundcard. But even if I switch back to the Helix, it'll still stutter for a bit. It's also worth noting I can still play guitar, it's just the sound from my PC that lags. Funny thing is, the reason I got the Helix in the first place was to get rid of that exact problem. I've had it with the Line 6 PodXT (yeah, the way old one) and thought it was busted. Instead, the problem seems to be something in my computer although I can't figure out what. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
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