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  1. Well, I guess I'll answer my own question. Found this page: http://www.harmonicappliances.com/floorboard/floorboard.html which describes the pin-out of the Line6 Floor Board RJ45 port (compatible with the Flextone I). Assuming the author is correct, a regular POE data/power splitter wouldn't work, because the Flextone output voltage is not what a splitter would expect, and the pins are in the wrong place.
  2. I want to use the power over ethernet port of a Flextone I amp to power a Relay G10: Flextone --> ethernet cable --> adapter (like this) --> Relay G10 Receiver. Has anyone tried this successfully, and, if so, with what adapter? Am I right that the Flextone ethernet port is POE? I can't fine any specs on the power output.
  3. I have a guitar with active pickups (Charvel 475 with Jackson JE1200 pre-amp). The guitar jack (TRS) is wired to the guitar pre-amp like this: Tip: pre-amp output Ring: battery negative terminal Sleeve: pre-amp ground When a normal TS guitar cord is plugged into the guitar, the plug sleeve contacts the ring and sleeve of the jack and completes the circuit. Will my guitar work with the Relay G10 without an adapter? If not, will swapping the ring and sleeve connections on the guitar jack fix the problem?
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