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  1. From what I remember it has always been there... It just is a lot more noticible hooked up to the DT50. I really think it is my hd500x. It will be faint until I touch the stings and then it comes back. I can maintain it by changing the inputs and the input z settings as well as lowering the db in the mixer... For some reason I feel I need to factory reset the HD because it may be that I have uploaded a corrupted patch somewhere down the line. I will give an update when I get around to messing with it later in the day. BTW. Thank you guys for all your help and didn't just tell me to "search around the forums." Because I actually have been trying to diagnose this for over two weeks looking into multiple forums. I finally cracked down and decided to post something.
  2. Not yet but I will. The Fender Blackout Tele I have is three single coils. http://musicandmore.pl/images/s/fender-deluxe-blackout-telecaster-mn-black-7176.jpg I haven't tried a guitar with a humbucker yet but I will be doing that tonight. Both the pod HD500x and the Amp are all currently updated and I have also done a Global reset on the pod and have also reset the DT50.
  3. Need help diagnosing... Fender Blackout telecaster with George L cable and AES/EBU cable connected via Line 6. I get the same sound when plugged in direct through the XLR output directly to my computer interface no matter the location. Any help is appreciated. Video link posted below.
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