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  1. Awesome. Thx for all the help. Well done it worked.
  2. I have not calibrated. Il will check it if I can find how to do it... Thx again.
  3. Basically the problem is the pedal doesn't control the volume. I can press and engage the wah the led turns from green to red, the pedal doesn't change sound or volume. All of the board is working except the pedal.
  4. Thx for the response... Yes monkey detects it. As I use the pedal it doesn't adjust the volume while pressing and releasing.. The wah will engage and sound changes to wah effect but at the same time the pedal will not adjust pitch while in wah mode. Yes I was thinking about the cat5.
  5. The pedal is not working. Latest updated done on 10/25/14. Problem started occurring before update, now not at all.
  6. Looking for a good metal tube sound, I've been fiddling with it for a couple of weeks and just can't seem to get.
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