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  1. When will Line6 finally look into the output volume issue that the HD500 has? I have followed their manuals and setup videos and it changes nothing? I have contacted them directly ...nothing!!! I want to use the HD500 as a pedal board, my blues jr sounds great on its own,but I keep running into the low output volume issue. Line6 when will you address this issue? It's as simple as a firmware update but you do nothing. I know the HD500X is out but I won't be upgrading simply because the issues you haven't addressed on the HD500. I simply want this issue fixed. I can plug in any pedal and it is way louder than this unit. I have searched the forums and find the usal add a full amp to the patch, raise the decbs. in the mixer and even the "use a patch cable in the fx loop and raise the output". Also when my usb is connected to the HD500 I get a ton of static and noises thru my amp. I'm sure there is an easy fix for this. What say you Line6?
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