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  1. I'm revisiting this topic after last posting in 2018. I haven't used my PODXt Pro a lot and just dug it out hoping for some better results. No luck. Does anyone know if the XLR outs are a better choice than the 1/4" line outs? I also have a Digitech GSP-2101 and it does cabinet simulation when using the XLR outs (sounds fuller). I wondered if the PODXt Pro may do the same thing, it's not noted in the manual, though. This thing sounds so thin compared to the Pod 2.0. And yes, I have the bottom end cranked. Just doesn't make sense...
  2. Late replying here. Yes, Sonic Port works fine with iOS 14. Excrement! Oops, I mean excellent :)
  3. Thanks for the feedback. So I assume Sonic Port does in fact actually work with iOS 14. Anyone else?
  4. After all of the numerous updates to the disastrous iOS 13, none of which made my sonic port work until iOS 13.4 was FINALLY released 6 months later, does anyone out there have any knowledge of iOS 14 working with the sonic port? I am terrified to install iOS 14 because I need my sonic port to work. Isn't it ridiculous -- that we need to be afraid to install an update from the world's richest tech company, Crapple. Thanks in advance.
  5. Mine works fine with 13.6, just installed it a few days ago
  6. Two questions: Does Sonic Port work properly with iOS 13.5.1? Does Sonic Port work properly with iOS 13.6 (any beta testers out there)? Terrified to upgrade to any version of 13.x because of the mess Apple has made. I'm not sure if I should install 13.5.1, sounds like it is bug ridden. WOuld rather wait for 13.6 which is just around the corner (GM was sent out to developers last week). I am currently using iOS 13.4.1 and can conform that Sonic Port works fine with it.
  7. So it took Apple twelve versions and 6 months to get this little device that millions of musicians use (and depend on) around the world to work properly with the release of POS 13.4. How incredibly embarrassing that a company the size of Apple can release this kind of crap. Now --- the my-iMac-only-cost-me-6000-dollar question is --- does the Sonic Port work with the recently released POS 13.4.1 or is everything broken again? Honestly man, I'm afraid to install Apple updates on my iPhone and on my iMac --- POS updates or muckOS updates, makes no difference, Apple quality has sunk like the Titanic.
  8. Bass is totally cranked, it makes no difference. Still a very awful "thin" sounding tone compared to the Pod 2.0. Anyone else with a PODxt Pro that has this same "thin" sound? I'm wondering if I might get a beefier sound using the XLR outs on the back instead of the 1/4" outs? Don't quite understand the whole CAB/AIR thing but I doubt this would make much difference anyway.
  9. I posted this once before but the post is long gone, can't find it anywhere in the support community forums. I've had much more time to experiment with sounds after being away for quite a while so I am posting this again. I have a PODxt Pro and a POD 2.0. The POD 2.0 wins hands down in overall sound, especially the bottom end. The PODxt Pro sounds so "thin" which makes no sense because it is the so-called better model of the two. I've tried reinstalling the firmware, tried all sorts of stuff -- all to no avail. Has anyone else noticed this? Any fixes, recommendations?
  10. Ok, that makes sense. Thank you. I guess the Metal Shop pack is already in my POD so nothing to really install, just activate.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I don't quite understand how all this works or where the new model pack(s) actually go. I have all the settings from 1A to 19D used up. 20A to 32D are empty (they just say "USER"). Does the model pack go into these spots or do you select different model packs at startup? Maybe someone can enlighten me. When I start the unit up, it says "Standard Model Set Loaded" or something like that. I guess what I'm trying to say is how do fit them all in? I'll definitely back up. Confused :(
  12. Hi everyone, I have a POD XT Pro with no additional packs installed. Just stock tones and a bunch of downloaded custom tones. I want to purchase and install the Metal Shop pack but will it overwrite anything/everything that's already on my POD XT Pro? Thanks in advance.
  13. I (finally) successfully updated my firmware to 3.0.2 - it took some doing and required a MIDI connection and worked via FireWire but it wouldn't save any presets, kept giving me a MIDI communication error so I chose not to save anything and it then did the update without any problems. Not saving the presets was ok by me because my original goal was to restore the original sounds anyway. Is there anyone out there with a rack mount Pod Xt Pro who can tell me what the first 64 factory presets should be (1A to 16D)? What the names should be? Seems that my set is different than what I've read. Perhaps there is a way to restore the unit back to its factory presets but I thought the new firmware update might have added some new presets - a tad bit confused here. I can't seem to find anything that says Treadplate for example. Thanks for any help. I had no modelling packs by the way. Unit starts up and now says something about 'loading standard sets' which it didn't do before the update from 1.0.2 to 3.0.2.
  14. That's what I thought, I prefer FireWire interfaces over USB as do many others due to the latency issues. This should work with my Focusrite so I'll go grab another MIDI cable and give it a try. Amazing what this rack mount Pod XT can do, so much cleaner and quieter than my XT 'bean' although no match for my Krankenstein 100.
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