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  1. anyone know what's going on with this site? trying to download Monkey and Edit but it's taking forever!
  2. Anyone know what's going on with this site? Can't download any software and the whole site is dragging
  3. Just a quickie. Are the high gain pickup models now available for all JTV's or is it still just the JTV 89? Thanks
  4. Each to his own ay Charlie. No offence meant. It just looks wrong to me but sure it feels and plays great. I do want one!!
  5. Yh it is kind of a cross between those two. I just can't warm to it though! I want a Variax so bad!!
  6. Thanks for your reply Oz...phew I thought I might be the only one who thought that! Yeah the tuning knob looks like a top hat hehe. I'm sure it plays really nice though. What do you think of the 59 neck? Is it really like a baseball bat?? People do say it feels nice and it's such a lovely looking guitar!
  7. IMHO the JTV69/89 are butt ugly (no offence to all you proud owners). The 59 I think is beautiful, but the neck is too fat for me. Anyone know if Line6 are planning some new models? I'm really trying to convince myself that the 69 isn't ugly so that I can buy one but it's just not happening!
  8. Very helpful vid, thanks. All the HD models sound closer to mag pickps to me. The old models sound digital by comparison IMO - and slightly flatter and less lively, with a softer attack. Then I saw this video though..... . Listen at 1.42 when he switches between mag pickups and models. Mags sound so much better...IMO
  9. AirTug

    Tone Request Hd500

    Thanks for the link bibrew. Good site. Triryche, I'm pretty clueless on programming/tweaking which was part of the attraction to Line6 because of custom tone. Guess I should give it a try but it seems like such a huge subject and steep learning curve! I will have a go though. Meanwhile, is anyone willing to have a go at getting this tone for me? There used to be a thread for tone requests on these forums.....
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