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  1. @rodrigocmn : great thanks !! For the moment, I will update the firmware and waiting for the "promising update"
  2. that's exactly what I've done ;) And still waiting for an android app
  3. There is more android users than ios users ! ;) and it won't change in the future!!!... http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS24857114
  4. tks EFXTR, that's exactly the same ! I would be ok if I could save more tones in more banks before deconnect the iPhone... but there is only 4 tones in 1 BANK :( what can we do ??
  5. Hi All, I'm french, and also a new member on this forum, but I used to read you for a long time. I got an Amplifi 75 with an Express FBV Mk2 for a week (happy birthday!!! :) ) But since I connect an iPhone to use some new tones, I can't change the button A/B/C/D on my pedal or on the amp... It's blocked ! The red light is blocked on the A button pedal. :( The only way to be free I have found, is to save the downloaded tone into the hardware and affect a letter A with the iPhone... then do it twice with another tone on the B letter, and turn off iphone !!!.... When iPhone is turned off, I can use any letter with my pedal ! iPhone seems to disable FBV Pedal... do you confirm ? Bye
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