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  1. As a touring artist I have a suggestion to transport the HELIX. I have the backpack, which is really nice but whenever I'm going to fly and have to change planes, going for gate to gate with that on your back is a drag. God help you if you have to run to catch the next flight. So why not at least design a case that has wheels & a collapsible handle. That really would make it more convenient to travel with in airports and in general too. I like the convenience of having everything in an all-in-one package instead if investing in say the HELIX pedal then get separate volume, Wah, for a fly rig (already have all that anyway with a different make from another company). LUV my HELIX tho... Just a suggestion. Duane
  2. Sorry this has happened to you. How long have you had it? If not long then maybe check with the dealer to see about exchanging it out first? If not then open a support ticket with L6. I’m sure they would make good on it someway but I don’t know about turnaround in Malaysia. Personally, I’d look to upgrade to the Helix Floor. That’s what I did after this happening to me on 2 different units li less than 2 months & I couldn’t be happier. The Floor unit is just built better IMO. Good luck bro. Interested to know what happened. DT
  3. I was going to get the floor model but after looking at the specs I determined that I didn’t need some of the features as long as the software architecture was the same. But after returning 2 units with the exact same issue in a short time frame well, I should have just followed my instinct in the first place. I agree with Scoot13 in that I absolutely do not trust the build design of the LT & would recommend against anyone spending $$ on it. Just get the floor instead.The build quality of the floor does seem to be a LOT better. I’ll see how it hold up after some use...it better last more that 3-4 months though...
  4. Hey everyone, Well I had this same issue & just returned the 2nd unit & just bit the bullet & upgraded. I play out quite a lot & am on the road a lot. Can't afford to have my gear malfunction so easily. Purchased mine at the local Guitar Center & had their 'Pro' warranty on the unit which enabled me to exchange & upgrade to the other unit . I really like the HELIX. Feel its a shame that whatever the issue is with the pedal on the LT, paying 1K for ANY piece of gear should last longer that 3-4 months. Hope L6 gets it right eventually. Been an L6 fanboy for a while & like their stuff. I also have a Fractal FX8 & opted for the HELIX instead of the AX8 btw. DT
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