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  1. I am asking $900 plus $50 shipping for both the DT25 Head and Matching Cabinet. Absolutely no wear or problems ever. I paid $1500 for it in 2012. I only want to sell this in the U.S. This has never left my house. Very low usage. Comes with original packaging, manual copy, VDI cable, Line 6 Mini Midi Interface for use in doing Firmware updates (at latest V2.0 now) to change to 8 of 39 Iconic Amps on the 2 Channels and 4 Voicing's for a total of 8 at any one time on the Selector switch. A very nice feature. I use DT Customizer on my iPad to display/change amp models on the DT25. Can do a PayPal sale. I am between Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Charlie cjuliano@rochester.rr.com
  2. I decided I want to simplify. I sold my Pod HD500 already and I am thinking of selling my DT25 Head and Cabinet. It's about 8 months old and used very little. Great amp set up, but way more than I need now. I like my Variax 69 and will keep it as it is a well made Strat and feels good. I just want to not have to keep playing with my computer every time I want to make music. I like the older simpler days of playing. I am just an old guy at 65 and want to keep it simple again. Any interested parties out there. Never used out of my house, and absolutely no wear or issues. Also at the latest 2.0 Firmware level and I use DT Customizer on my iPad to put in the 8 amps that I like best. Any interested parties out there?
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